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  • money table in Neo vertical miami lobby vice 1980s
  • Vice 80s Money Table - casanarco
  • Vice 80s Money Table - casanarco
  • million dollar money table miami vice style using 1980s prop money stacks
  • million dollar money cube side end table for game room, lobby, office and home 1980s prop money
  • square money table style 1980s miami vice in Brickell luxury building
  • art money coffee center table in industrial loft
  • money table cube one of a kind in miami building
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Vice 80s Money Table

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$1,299.00 USD
Normaler Preis
$1,299.00 USD


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The Miami Vice 80s money series coffee side end table is handmade with one hundred 10k 1980s series prop money stacks totaling 1 million and shrink wrapped for a true narco finish. One of a kind piece. Excellent for home, office, lounge and bars. An irresistible conversation piece. 

• Turn you living/office, retail space into a social delight

Great for bars and clubs

• Unique, extra cool, functional and suitable for any room  

• Attention Grabber  

• No Assembly Required  

• Fast Delivery

• Designed & Handmade in USA 


1980s series stacks of 10k on sturdy wood upholstered cube structure with a high density, reflective, protective, clear shrink wrap vinyl finish.


17" W 17" H 18" D


You just got to learn to go with the heat, Rico. 

Sonny Crockett Miami Vice






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