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  • 50k movie production stack money with rubber band
  • blank filler prop money old look vintage movie production fiat
  • $50,000 Aged Prop Money - Full Print - casanarco
  • $50,000 Aged Prop Money - Full Print - casanarco
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$50,000 Aged Prop Money - Full Print

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$170.00 USD
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$170.00 USD


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  • Full Print 
  • Aged Prop Money 50K 
  • Cool weathered vintage look  
  • Package of 5 10k stacks with bank strap totaling $50,000
  • Movie quality prop money 
  • Seen on official films
  • Printed with the highest quality ink that will not run when wet on high-quality commercial paper, and cut with precision machine cutters.

NOTE: Prop money is solely designed for decor, tv, films, movies, photography, training and media production.

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