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  • Narco Cube NFTable - casanarco
  • Narco Cube NFTable - casanarco
  • Narco Cube NFTable - casanarco
  • Narco Cube NFTable - casanarco
  • Pablo escobar Simpson style art table colorful print
  • al capone art colorful table for teens and adults
  • The Godfather art cube table part of a nft series
  • Tony montana style art with flamingo and Mayo art series table
  • el chapo cube side end art table with green and yellow colors
  • Narco Cube NFTable with illustration of el Chapo, al Capone, scarface, Pablo escobar, The Godfather
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Narco Cube NFTable

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$399.00 USD
Normale prijs
$399.00 USD


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A casanarco exclusive collection of historical, new, and future narcos. Like all narcos they disrupted the establishment at their time. This fun collection was created to illustrate how NFTs is the new narco. Creating excitement in the art world, new industries and driving the SEC crazy. Give these narcos a safe house!

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Narcos: Escobar, El Chapo, Scarface, Godfather, Al Capone.

Illustrated by Jos De La Paz Founder of casanarco

Coffee Table Size: 18" x 18" x 18" 

Designed & Handmade in USA

High quality vibrant damage resistant laminated gloss vinyl print on Infinite edges wood cube structure and upholstered.