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How to Levitate a Narco Stack

The Levitating stack will float above the base at approximately 1 inch height. To find this balance follow the following steps.

  1. Plug in the dc transformer to back of the money base and to the outlet.
  2. Hold the stack with both hands and gently position it to the center of the base.
  3. Slowly start bringing the stack down to the center at near 1" height from the center.
  4. You will feel a magnetic force (if it pulls to the left or right bring the stack back up and repeat step 3)
  5. Once the stack is centered and at near 1" height you will feel the magnetic force and you can now remove your hands slowly.
  6. Be amazed!

Note: The casanarco logo on the center of the base will serve as a guide to find the magnetic center. You will feel click sensation once the stack has reach its magnetic force balance. Be patient, practice and see it levitate!


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