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  • money table with woman hand over and a tiger stamp whiskey and prop money
  • Money Table Furniture Cube side table with prop money
  • dollar table made of 100s print look like a brick of money
  • money table in modern loft studio with money gun
  • Million Dollar Cube Table Series F - casanarco
  • woman with leggings not yours over a money table with whiskey and prop money in loft studio
  • Million Dollar Cube Table Series F side view
  • pretty woman with money table in loft studio photoshoot
  • woman on green sofa in apartment with a money table looks like a brick of money and money on the floor
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Million Dollar Cube Table Series F

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$300.00 USD
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$300.00 USD


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This order includes a free $10,000 Prop Money Stack

This wealth magnet decorative high gloss cube table is perfect for home and office. Providing a functional art piece of furniture and a great source of wealth motivation. This side table looks great everywhere you put it.

• Fresh design, sure to enhance your living/office space

• Unique, stylish, functional and suitable for any room

• Attention Grabber

• Delivered Assembled 

• Fast Delivery

• Designed & Handmade in USA


High quality damage resistant laminated gloss vinyl on Infinite edges wood cube structure and upholstered.


Perfect Cube

18" W 18" H 18" D





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