Introducing NARC, the official utility token for the Casanarco brand. This token is designed to enhance your brand experience and reward our loyal customers.

Casanarco is an original innovative urban brand that prides itself on offering a distinctive product lineup. Our primary goal is to consistently produce exceptional products that our customers love. To take our commitment to the next level, we've introduced NARC, a loyalty program that grants our dedicated customers exclusive access to our products and rewards. Our ultimate aim is to be able to use the NARC tokens towards in-brand purchases.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Dev & Marketing 2%
  • Tax Fee 2% Redistributed among holders
  • Liquidity Pool 6% 
  • 30% will unlock over 10 years, and will be used to fund the NARC project.
  • 70% of tokens will be used for liquidity and reserved for listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

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At Casanarco, we are excited to announce that we are embarking on a new phase of global expansion. We are dedicated to bringing our unique product line-up and our urban brand to customers all around the world.

To support this growth, we are currently raising funds that will go towards our global expansion efforts. We will be using these funds to open new locations, expand our distribution network, and invest in new technologies to improve our operations.


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We are excited to announce some major developments for our brand. We have been working hard to bring our customers new and innovative products that are sure to impress.


  • Launch
  • CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap
  • Get Narc Trending


  • New product release
  • Customer reward program
  • CEX Listing
  • NFTs


  • Native NARC Dapp
  • Major CEX listing
  • Coinbase Commerce pay with NARC
  • Partnerships
  • Global Expansion



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Investing in cryptocurrencies, including Band Casanarco Token (NARC), involves a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The value of cryptocurrencies can be volatile and may fluctuate significantly within a short period of time.

The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be considered investment advice and should not be relied upon for making investment decisions. Before investing in NARC or any other cryptocurrency, you should carefully consider your financial situation and seek advice from a qualified professional.

Band Casanarco Token is a new utility token that is still in its early stages. The success of the project is not guaranteed, and there is no guarantee that the value of NARC will appreciate or even maintain its current value.

Furthermore, regulatory and legal developments can impact the value and adoption of NARC and other cryptocurrencies. It is important to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the cryptocurrency industry.

By investing in NARC, you acknowledge and accept these risks and are solely responsible for your own investment decisions. The creators and promoters of NARC are not responsible for any financial losses or damages that may occur as a result of investing in NARC.